Three is a magic number

Three is a magic number

Not sure why but I have for a long time talked about things in threes. Three most important things.  Three things we need to do this week.  Three reasons why.   Yes, the things we work on can get complicated – but only if you let them. My talking in threes seems to help. It helps me focus. I also hope it helps me get my message across to others.

On Friday we took one of the digital marketing teams we work with to meet the digital marketing team in a similar but different organisation. Each person had the opportunity to discuss what they do with their equivalent. It was one of those things that is easy not to get around to but worth every bit of effort when you do. I was thinking about what we got out of it and what we learnt – as individuals and a team. A lot more than three things (I hope) but perhaps the most important included;

  1. An antidote to “we’ve always done it like that”.
  2. Renewed enthusiasm for what we do.
  3. That different organisations often face very similar challenges.

That’s probably how I will describe the outcome of our day when I discuss it tomorrow.  As for whether three is in fact a magic number I am not sure but you can certainly read what Wikipedia has to say about the number three. Some cultures actually think three is a pretty unlucky number …

  • Paul Gailey
    Posted at 18:19h, 18 February

    I like it and you´ve inspired me to blog about this with another take on a different digit.

    But I can´t help detect Jon a sublimable De La Soul influence creeping in from yesteryear for your choice of number, so alas, I do still have some sympathy for 3.

  • Jon
    Posted at 08:55h, 20 February

    You are absolutely right. I wasn’t sure if I should call it ‘Three is a magic number’ or ‘Three … is the magic number’! Like your take on 7. Great.

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